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Here's how. Visit our free calendar web site, click on the month that you will have your sale, then click on the day you will have your sale. Then click on create. There are two areas for your words, calendar text and pop-up text, please keep calendar text short. Example: Garage sale 115 Main St. Then in the pop-up text you can expand your ad. Example: Moving sale, 8:00 am -5:00 pm, everything must go. Lots of children's clothes, toys ,bikes, riding lawn mower, dinnet set, couch/love seat combo, rain date June 25. etc. (No limit on the text in the second area) Then click submit. You will not be allowed to change anything after clicking submit. If you find any serious errors in your submission please notify the web master.

Notice: Since this is a free site and open to the public, will not be responsible for the accuracy of any of the contents of the free garage sale calendar. Also, please use this site for garage/yard sales only, thank you. web master